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The team dental, led by Dr. Samidhha Patil, offers the best teeth whitening services in Viman Nagar and Kharadi. Our process ensures brighter smiles without tooth surface damage, maintaining oral health. Experience noticeable improvements in teeth whiteness and brightness, boosting confidence in social situations. While teeth whitening isn’t permanent, its effects are long-lasting. Contact us today for the best teeth whitening clinic in Pune.

Why does the tooth lose whiteness?

There are multiple factors that make teeth lose their whiteness. Some foods do cause stains on your teeth enamel that affects the outer layer. The plaque build-up is another reason that causes the teeth to become yellow. The erosion of the hard enamel exposes the dentin that is naturally yellowish.

Some of the other reasons that cause a tooth to lose its whiteness are:

Teeth Whitening and How does it work?

Teeth whitening involves two methods: non-bleaching products and bleaching with whitening products containing carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These products remove stains and yellowish layers. The dentist creates a custom mouth guard for applying the bleaching gel, followed by a laser light treatment for significant whitening. Certain factors contribute to teeth losing their whiteness, such as staining foods, plaque buildup, and enamel erosion, which exposes the naturally yellow dentin. Other factors include improper brushing, lack of flossing, tobacco use, sweet foods/drinks, and certain medications. Teeth whitening is effective for most types of discoloration but may not correct all. It won’t work on teeth with veneers, caps, crowns, or fillings. Brown stains are harder to remove than yellow, and front teeth respond better than back teeth. For proper guidance and treatment, consult The Team Dental, the best teeth whitening clinic in Pune.

Tooth Whitening Options

Teeth Whitening Side Effects

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 Theteamdental is owned by Dr. Samidha Patil, who is thebest dentist in Kharadi, Pune. Theteamdental is a group of the best dental clinics in Kharadi. They have the best teeth whitening doctors in Kharadi and provide the best teeth whitening treatment in Kharadi. Theteamdental is Best Dental Clinic in Kharadi, Pune Provides the Best Dental Treatments like Dental Implants, Root canal treatment, Orthodontic Treatment, Children’s Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisible braces, and more.

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Teeth whitening treatment by a dentist in Kharadi can significantly enhance your smile, removing discoloration for a brighter appearance. For top-notch teeth whitening services in Kharadi, Pune, contact The Team Dental today.

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