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Scaling And Polishing in Teeth Whitening

Every person desires for clean whiter teeth that can make their smile beautiful. However, most people do not have better clean whiter teeth that reprieve them from talking and smiling confidently. The plaque and tartar development on the teeth is one of the main reasons to make their teeth decay. Here, the dental scaling and polishing technique is one of the effective ways to get rid of plaque and tartar. This treatment can help you to get clean whiter teeth which can increase the beauty of your smile.

What is dental scaling and polishing?

Dental scaling is the process of removing plaque and tartar from the tooth surface.

In “Scaling”, the removal of the hardened tartar and plaque from the teeth is done with the help of ultrasonic scalers. The ultrasonic vibration removes the unwanted dirt from the teeth surface.

In “Polishing”, stains and plaque are removed with the brush spinning over the teeth surface. During this procedure, the surface of the teeth is smoothened, which can help to minimize the chances of dirt depositing on teeth.

Why Scaling and Polishing are important?

Dental plaque and tartar consist of bacteria that slowly start decaying the teeth and the gums. The decay may also reach the roots of the tooth where you may have to go for complex root canal treatment. It might also damage the whole tooth if it is not treated early. Another problem is regarding the possibility of gum diseases like Gingivitis. Severe gum disease like Periodontitis might also lead to problems like loosening of the tooth or destruction of the gum tissues.

What procedure is followed in the Scaling and Polishing?

During the first visit, the dentist will examine the teeth condition properly.


While actually starting the procedure, initially a local anesthetic might be applied to the teeth and the gums. A variety of dental instruments will then be used for the scaling. The vibrations are applied to the teeth with ultrasonic instruments. This loosens the tartar deposit on the teeth and removes the plaque layer. A cooling mist which is made of water is spread with high force on the teeth surface. This helps to remove all the small dirt particles from the complex regions of the teeth. After the removal of the big deposits, the dentist then uses hand scalers made of different sizes. The hand scalers help the dentist to reach the deeper areas of the teeth to clean it. These instruments also help to clean the dirt deposited between the teeth.


In polishing, a different dental instrument is used that is basically a handpiece and cup filled with soft rubber. A fluoride paste is then placed on the rubber cup which is then rubbed on the teeth surface. During the polishing, more focus is given to make the teeth surface smooth. This makes it harder for the dirt or plaque to easily get deposited on the teeth surface.

Is the Scaling and Polishing painful process?

Scaling and polishing is usually a painless process. However, you may feel a little sensitivity during the treatment process. If you are doing the scaling and polishing activity after proper intervals of the month then you will hardly feel any effect. It is a little painful only when you are given a local anesthetic for a few minutes. However, a local anesthetic is an inevitable aspect that is mostly given during the treatment like scaling and polishing.

Are there any possible risks and complications in this treatment?

Generally, scaling and polishing are safer treatments. However, you may feel a little sensitivity in the teeth during the first few days after the completion of the treatment. In rare cases, if it causes injury to the gums then there are possibilities of bleeding gums.

Can I do Scaling and Polishing if I have bleeding gums?

Gum disease is the result of the increase in the bacteria level in the mouth. If you have a problem like gum bleeding then the dentist will usually suggest getting proper treatment for gum disease. This will ensure that there will be lesser complications during the scaling and polishing process.

Your dentist can suggest you better get the scaling and polishing for the teeth. They will have a proper examination of the teeth initially to make sure that you are suitable for this treatment. It is always better to follow proper dental hygiene to avoid the development of plaque and tartar on the teeth. A regular scaling and polishing treatment after a few intervals of a month can help to keep the teeth clean and whiter. If you feel that you have plaque or tartar development then go for this treatment soon. Scaling and polishing treatment can bring a better smile on your face with a whiter shine to your teeth.

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Scaling and polishing are one of the effective treatment methods to make the teeth clean and whiter. Visit the dentist for quality scaling and polishing treatment that can make your teeth look clean white.

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