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Clear Aligners Treatment

Traditional braces have been used for many years for straightening misaligned teeth. However, one of the most common and obvious problems is that it is easily noticeable. Apart from that, there are a few other minor problems too associated with the traditional braces. To address these problems, clear aligner is a nice alternative. Clear aligners are invisible and cannot be easily noticed. They serve the same purpose of moving the teeth in the desired direction and positioning it properly.

What are clear aligners?

Clear Aligners TreatmentClear aligners are invisible aligners that are used for the Orthodontic treatment of correcting misaligned teeth. Clear aligners exert relevant pressure on the teeth to move them in a specific position to achieve teeth straightening.

How do they work?

The working of the clear aligners on your teeth is in a very structured way. After taking the impression, proper aligners are made and put in the mouth. At the initial stage, the remodelling of the teeth starts. Proper pressure is put on the specific teeth to make them move in a specific direction. The movement of the teeth happens in a very slow motion. The clear aligners must be put in the mouth for about 22 hours a day to make it effective in getting the desired results. During the whole treatment process, the aligners are changed multiple times as required. The newer set of clear aligners works to move the current position of the teeth to the desired location.

Difference between traditional braces and clear aligners

1. Visibility

One of the basic differences between them is visibility. Traditional braces are easily visible after opening the mouth due to their metallic color. Clear aligners are not easily visible or noticeable after opening the mouth. This gives more comfort for the individual using clear aligners during social situations.

2. Removability

Invisalign-BracesTraditional braces cannot be removed by the individual wearing them. It can be removed only by the Orthodontist during the given specific appointment. This makes it difficult to remove the stuck food particles and clean the mouth. Clear aligners can be easily removed and fixed in the place by the individual wearing them whenever needed. This makes it easier to remove the stuck food particles and clean the mouth properly.

3. Treatment

Both traditional braces and clear aligners give the same result of treating the misaligned teeth. However, traditional braces usually take a longer duration comparatively. Some clear aligners take a lesser duration comparatively that can give faster results.

4. Cost

The traditional treatment is one of the most cost-effective Orthodontic treatments. The clear aligner treatment involves costly Orthodontic treatment.

Care with Aligners on

When you are going through the Orthodontic treatment like clear aligners, it is important to take some care during the treatment process when aligners are on.

Some of the care to be taken to avoid damage and get better results when clear aligners are on is:

  • Clear aligners must be put for at least 22 hours a day to make it effective.
  • Avoiding eating hard food items during the treatment as it might cause damage to aligners.
  • Safely remove and put the clear aligners.
  • Visiting the Orthodontist during the given appointment properly.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene during the whole treatment process.

Post Treatment care

The care must not be taken only when the treatment process is on. It is also important to take specific care after the completion of the treatment process. The reason behind this is the teeth may go to the original position after the removal of clear aligners. It may also get affected while eating the food. So a proper post-treatment care can give long duration results of the proper teeth positioning.

Some of the post-treatment cares to take after the clear aligner removal are:

  • Avoid eating the hard food items during the first few weeks.
  • Using the retainers regularly to ensure the proper position of the teeth.
  • Visiting Orthodontist regularly to give an appointment.
  • Keep good oral hygiene.

Cost of Clear Aligners in India

The cost of the clear aligners can vary from the region to region and from one service provider to another. Generally, the cost of the clear aligners starts from Rs.60,000/-. The cost increases as per the complexity of the teeth position.

Expert Opinion:

You can surely go for the clear aligner treatment as it gives proper teeth alignment. Visit an Orthodontist to get better clear aligners treatment that can improve your smile.


1. Can anyone go for the clear aligner treatment?

Clear aligners are comfortable for any individual who seeks to get Orthodontic treatment. However, in the case of children, the treatment can be done only after consulting with the Orthodontist.

2. Can clear aligners give proper results?

Clear aligners are found to be effective in getting the proper results of teeth straightening. Taking specific care during the treatment process and post-treatment is essential here.

3. Can the payment be done on installments basis?

The payment mode of the clear aligners differs from one service provider to another. Generally, most of the service providers have the option of installment payments.

4. Is there pain experienced during the treatment?

Clear aligner treatment hardly gives any pain comparatively. You can painlessly remove and put the aligners in position.

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